Permanent Hiring

Fill your vacancies at scale — quickly and efficiently — with CoreHire

  • Access the largest healthcare talent pool in the U.S.
  • Fill your core vacancies and reduce your reliance on contingent labor
  • Real-time clinician engagement data to analyze performance and optimize reach
  • Thorough candidate screening to ensure clinicians are highly qualified
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Permanent Hiring

Workforce AI

Forecast future staffing levels to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings

  • Predict future patient volume and staffing levels in clinical settings with proprietary machine learning algorithms
  • Leverage AI to reduce labor costs, improve unit coverage and increase staff retention
  • Access to accurately deploy talent for care areas with high variability, such as ORs and EDs
  • Utilize for predictive recommendations for real-time and long-range staffing decisions to optimize in-patient settings and float pools
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Workforce AI

Nurse & Allied Staffing

Accelerate your fulfillment with qualified clinicians

  • Advanced digital marketing strategies to source clinicians from the #1 healthcare job site
  • Nurse and allied staffing for travel, per diem, float pool and permanent
  • Expert program management to drive high-quality, high-volume fulfillment
  • Clinical vetting delivers 98.9% clinical quality match success
  • The only software that can manage multiple per diem agencies and enable app-based deployment of their clinicians
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Nurse & Allied Staffing

Provider Solutions

Complete solutions to place high-quality providers to fill your short- and long-term needs

  • Accountable locum tenens staffing
  • Access to - the largest network of active physician and advanced practice job seekers
  • Tap into - supercharge passive recruitment and get perfectly matched physicians for every role
  • Locums vendor management and scheduling software
  • Expert program management to drive high-quality locums fulfillment and permanent physician recruitment
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Provider Services

Gig Workforce Transformation Tools

Become a flexible employer through robust internal resource pools and in-house agency programs

  • Enable workforce transformation and flexible staffing by accessing the gig economy
  • Predictive analytics and AI to proactively schedule resources based on upcoming patient demand
  • Build your local gig workforce by sourcing from the largest healthcare talent pool in the U.S.
  • Mobilize and activate your workforce instantly with our proprietary, flexible scheduling app
  • Access in-house agency tools to manage direct sourcing, credentialing, onboarding and more
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Gig Workforce Transformation Tools

On-Demand Staffing

Flexible resource management to engage your workforce and fill open shifts quickly

  • Build effective internal resource pools with app-based deployment
  • Use AI and predictive analytics to forecast and schedule workers based on the number of hours and shifts needed
  • Communicate with workers instantly with in-app messaging
  • Release shifts based on employment type and cost structure — optimizing costs
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Float Pool

In-House Agency Tools

Best-in-class tools, technologies and processes for insourced contingent labor programs

  • Source candidates from the most active healthcare marketplace in the country
  • Build a curated talent pool with direct sourcing
  • Employer of record and payrolling services
  • Manage compliance, onboarding and access control
  • Gain visibility into market trends and workforce analytics
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In-House Agency Tools

Vendor Management

Connect with suppliers to manage the entire contingent labor lifecycle from requisitioning to invoicing

  • Integrated platform supporting millions of transactions a month across thousands of healthcare facilities
  • Market intelligence and rate insights for informed decision making
  • Intuitive mobile app to manage workers and tasks on the go
  • Automate and streamline processes with integrations, electronic timecards and credentialing management powered by machine learning
  • Reduce data fragmentation and provide governance to reduce costs and variability
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Vendor Management

MSP Service

Customized managed services program with accountable fulfillment

  • Rated the best MSP in healthcare by
  • Dedicated program management team focused on transparency, accountability and quality
  • Alleviate front-line managers from the administrative work involved in contract labor management
  • Market intelligence to drive strategic decisions, maximize delivery and optimize costs
  • Clinical vetting delivers 98.9% clinical quality match success
  • Premier access to innovative workforce solutions to reduce costs and improve traveler conversions
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MSP Service

Reporting & Analytics

Real-time data to make evidence-based pricing decisions and gain unparalleled market intelligence

  • Get real-time insights and recommendations to optimize resource allocation and costs
  • Receive in-depth reports on utilization, job performance, spend and market rates
  • Access market dynamics and labor trends from the highest trafficked healthcare job site on the web
  • Compare your facility’s bill rates to state and national averages
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AI, Reporting & Analytics

Proven. Trusted. Reliable.

Our technology has been battle-tested and proven to support the most complex workforce needs for leading healthcare systems.


Candidates in talent pool


Clinical quality match


Healthcare facility users

Mitigate risk and safeguard your data

  • Security that ensures data protection standards and regulations
  • Redundant and reliable infrastructure for maximum uptime
  • Tech ecosystem alignment with SSO and integrations

Getting started is simple

Our enablement teams are responsible for change management and ensuring your experience is exceptional. A quick discovery session with an enablement specialist will uncover your goals and configure the modules within the platform to build your dynamic workforce strategy.