How to Become an Allied Health Professional

Compliance Requirements & Steps for Certification and Licensure

If you’re considering a travel allied career, but aren’t quite sure how to get started — we’re here to help.

Our team will help streamline the licensing process for you. Plus, we’ll help you plan your entire travel career. As the largest healthcare staffing agency in the country, our deep relationships with hospital clients allow us to help you plan ahead for when they’ll need you and book assignments in advance.

Degrees and Certifications

If you’re a staff allied health professional, you have all the degrees and certifications you need to be a traveler.

Different allied professions have different compliance requirements — and requirements also vary from state to state (and facility to facility). Talk to your recruiter to learn the specifics required for your assignment.

Work Experience

You need at least a year of experience in your profession (preferably in a hospital setting) before you can become a traveler. Some hospitals require 2+ years of experience, and others ask that you have prior travel experience. Ask your recruiter to find assignments that best fit your experience.

Compliance Requirements

Your Aya credentialing specialist helps you navigate any required paperwork and facility deadlines. If you ever need guidance, they’ll assist with any of the following:

Vaccination Records & Physical Exam

You will need to complete a physical and provide proof of a current TB test and specific immunizations before you start an assignment. Your credentialing specialist can help set up any necessary vaccinations and your physical exam.

Licensing & Certifications

We keep these on file for you, but it’s best if you keep all documents for your records as well. When it comes to the allied licensing process, each profession has different compliance requirements — and those requirements often vary from state to state (and facility to facility).

Drug Screen & Background Check

You’ll also need to complete a drug test and a background check before your first assignment, and your credentialing specialist will help you book any necessary appointments!

Additional Documentation

The items listed above are the most commonly required, but there may be other documents requested by specific healthcare facilities. Your credentialing specialist will alert you to any applicable deadlines and make sure you meet them.